The compelling psychology of team building days

Team building days are a powerful way to reinforce the healthy habits of a cohesive workplaceNearly all human activity occurs in groups, whether working, worshiping, relaxing, or even sleeping. These groups have a big impact on the way we think, feel and act throughout our lives. A big part of being human is to find fulfillment in the inclusion of groups, and when this is lacking people can respond negatively. As well as fulfilling a human need for inclusion and happiness, but also for success. Let’s look at the psychology of away days and how they impact your team.

Team Identity

Does your team have a strong sense of identity? In other words, is every member of the team clear on their role? Groups with a strong identity will demonstrate a desire to work together, a sense of belonging and an understanding of the role each member plays in the team. Nourishing this aspect of a group with team building days will help reinforce loyalty.
A group of people are not always going to naturally mold to form a cohesive unit. The way to forge team identity is to face hardship together. A typical problem-solving activity like Gutter Ball will give everyone a chance to explore their strengths and support each other. At Woodhall Manor your team will have exclusive use of our 9-acre grounds, away from distraction and with space to be themselves.
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Emotional Awareness

Do your team respect each other’s feelings? The level of emotional awareness within a group will have a direct impact of productivity, motivation, and ability to collaborate. Give your team the opportunity to bond outside of the office with team building days. Relationships become stronger when people are faced with new challenges, especially those that take them out of their comfort zone.
This doesn’t have to be an extreme activity. You could arrange for your team to take part in one of our archery days. Learning a new skill together, away from the workplace gives your team a chance to see each other as more than a name at the bottom of an email.

Conflict Resolution

Your team’s ability to resolve conflict will have a direct impact on productivity. How well do your team deal with adversity? Because away days bring people outside of their daily routine, creativity can flow more freely. In order to overcome challenges, your team will be forced to think laterally. For example, at Woodhall Manor, your team will need plenty of wit to figure out clues as they go.
It’s important to remember that most workplace disagreements are a result of simple misunderstandings. A change of scenery will encourage the group to let their guard down and let others get to know them a little better. The more we understand how a person thinks and what makes them tick, the easier it will be to break down barriers during conflicts.

Positive Attitude

A positive attitude is a marker of your teams’ resilience. The more optimistic they are about their collective goals, the more energy they can bring to the group. To nurture a positive attitude, it’s important to build upon a foundation of encouragement, motivation, and sense of fun. That ‘can-do’ attitude comes from a feeling of empowerment and an expectation of success. So, keep your team’s spirits high with plenty of reward outside of the workplace.
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Relax and Revive

Why not make a night of it? Many team days require a lot of traveling to and from the venue. Here at Woodhall, your team can relax at the end of their busy day in one of our luxurious suites. Featuring four-poster beds, free-standing baths, and modern facilities, your team will get to experience the ultimate comfort – revived for exciting the challenges ahead.

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