The Best Mans Speech: How to get it right

Congratulations! You’ve scored the coveted role of the groom’s right-hand wing man at his wedding. Now, it’s time to buckle up and deliver a best man speech that will leave everyone in stitches, touched to their core, and raving about your epic toast for years to come!

Whether you’re a seasoned public speaker or a novice, crafting a memorable best man’s speech requires careful planning and a sprinkle of creativity. And what better place to give this important toast than at Woodhall Manor in Suffolk, an exclusive-use wedding venue that sets the perfect stage for a magical wedding reception and celebrations.

Now lets dive into how to get it right! It’s always hard to know where to begin, but with some of our top tips, you will be well on your way to start writing a best man speech that will go down in history!

Start with a Personal Bang

It’s time to write the opening line and kick things off with a bang! So, grab the mic, take a deep breath, and regale the crowd with a heart warming or hilarious tale about your bromance with the groom. Your best man speech opening lines is your moment to hook your audience and set the tone for your speech ahead.

Let your friendship shine bright through your best man speech, showcasing the groom’s quirks, adventures, and all the fun you’ve had together. But also remember the stunning bride, remind the groom of his excellent taste and how their love is inspiring for you all.

Spice it up with laughter

A good best man speech is incomplete without a healthy dose of humour. So grab your comedic toolbox and sprinkle your speech with witty one-liners, hilarious tales, and good-natured jokes.

Best man speech jokes can make or break your moment, so understand your crowd. Refrain from crude jokes that will make granny run out the door, or even worse, complete silence. We want all the wedding guests laughing and the bride’s father’s approval.

Top tip: After the jokes or embarrassing stories, circle back to soften the blow, with all love and the sentimental bits.

A moment of gratitude

Pause for a second, take this moment to express gratitude to the couple for choosing you as the best man and for including you in their special day. Maybe the groom’s speech made you a little tearful? Now you can return the gesture.

The wedding is sure to be an emotional day, so this is your time in your best mans speech to let groom know that he’s your best friend, how much of a wonderful person he is, how lucky he is to of found the person of his dreams! And last but not least, the thanks to having all your drinks paid.

Keep it snappy

While it’s tempting to share countless stories and anecdotes, it’s important to keep your speech short and snappy. Aim for a speech that’s as sleek as James Bond’s tuxedo, clocking in at around five minutes.

We all love a story but we don’t want to test the patience of all the guests do we? Rehearse your best mans speech, time it, and know how long your speaking for. If you, yourself, wouldn’t like to sit through a long speech then shorten your time and make it more impactful.

Sprinkle on the personal magic

To make your best mans speech truly unique, incorporate personal touches that reflect the couple’s journey.

With being so close to the newlyweds, you have front row seats to their love and a true insight into their bond. Home in on that and make everyone swoon with those personal touches that will make hearts melt. Heartfelt best man speech moments are beautiful to see and quite possibly be the only time you will be so vocal about your feelings.

Shout outs to the squad

Use your moment in the spotlight to acknowledge and thank the families and friends who’ve joined the celebration. Although the focus should be on the couple, including some of the bachelor party stories to include the crew is great! But remember to also mention the bridesmaid’s beautiful dresses and shout out some thank you’s to all who helped plan the wedding.

Finish out with a joke or or your closing line and then a huge cheers! to the bride and groom. Cue your standing ovation!

Maestro of the best mans speech, you’ve got the tools, the know-how, all the best man speech tips you would need. It’s now time to let your speech shine brighter than a supernova! From heartfelt tales to knee-slapping humour and gratitude-filled moments, this is your chance to steal the show and leave a lasting impression. So, take a deep breath, raise your glass high, and get ready for an epic wedding day at Woodhall Manor.

Cheers to you, the best man extraordinaire!

For more inspiration for a spectacular wedding day at Woodhall Manor, check out some of our other blogs here, or if you would like to talk all things weddings, get in touch today.


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