Nikah Ceremonies In Suffolk

A Nikah ceremony is a religious ceremony for Muslims under Islamic law. It is a Prophetic tradition to allow a bride and groom to be able to get married. The couple isn’t allowed to be intimate without this ceremony, so it allows Allah to give permission for their relationship.

The wedding ceremonies traditionally take place in a mosque with a religious leader, known as an imam, to officiate the Nikah for the wedding couple. If the couple chooses not to have their Nikah ceremony at a mosque, there are different wedding and events venues that will cater for the Nikah, otherwise, it may take place at either the bride’s family home.

How about Woodhall Manor in Suffolk?

The front of Woodhall Manor

Woodhall Manor is an exclusive-use wedding venue located in Woodbridge, Suffolk. Located within nine acres of countryside on the Suffolk coast. With 12 beautiful bedrooms and suites. Nearby to Woodhall Manor, there are six mosques within a half-hour journey, perfect for couples who would like to have their Nikah ceremony before heading to an exclusive use wedding venue for the rest of their wedding celebrations. However if you would prefer to have the Nikah at Woodhall Manor, the most beautiful gardens and country settings await your big day.

Pre-wedding Rituals & Traditions

There are a few pre-wedding rituals & traditions that usually take place before the ceremony.

The Salatul Ishtikara

At the Salatul Ishtikara, the Imam performs a prayer to seek Allah’s blessings for the marriage.

The Imam Zamin

At the Imam Zamin, the groom’s mother visits the bride’s home with gifts, sweets, and a silver or gold coin wrapped in a silk scarf. While the groom’s mother is visiting, she will also formally welcome the bride into the family by tying the scarf around the bride’s wrist. This is to signify her consent to the marriage.

The Mangi

The Mangi is an engagement ceremony. The couple will exchange rings at the ceremony, and it is an opportunity for the families to officially meet one another.

The Mendhi

The Mendhi is a pre-wedding event where all women come together to henna over their hands and feet, while they dance together. The bride may also hide the initials of her groom somewhere in the henna, for him to find later on.

The Sanchaq

The Sanchaq is where the groom’s male family members visit the bride’s family to give them gifts. This is to signify blessings and affection.

The Manjha

The Manjha will take place two days before the wedding, and the couple will wear yellow clothing while they get covered with turmeric paste and sandalwood in rosewater. Afterwards, they will get bathed in holy water and unable to leave their houses until their wedding day.

With so many different rooms and spaces to choose from at Woodhall Manor, why not consider holding pre-wedding rituals such as your Mangi engagement ceremony, Mehndi pre-wedding event, or evening reception here at Woodhall Manor. With so many wedding collections to suit different budgets, wants or needs, there is something for everyone! Also, check their great food out!

Nikah Ceremony

Asian wedding couple ceremony

The whole wedding itself may take place over the course of a couple of days, but the ceremony tends to last no longer than about 20 minutes.

During the ceremony, it is common for the men and women to be separated. The Father of Bride is known as the Wali and can accept the marriage contract on behalf of the bride. It is unlikely for there to be music during a ceremony in a mosque.

An officiant will read prayers from the Muslim holy book – Quran, and the bride and groom will be kept separate throughout the ceremony, from each other. They will need to repeat the words ‘gubool’ three times during the ceremony and sign the contract with their witnesses present. There will be a mirror kept between the couple the whole time. Once the contract is signed and the marriage is made legal, they will be able to look at each other through the mirror.

Wedding Celebrations

After the Nikah ceremony has taken place, couples tend to then have a Shaadi wedding event on the same day. This is a wedding celebration thrown by the bride’s family and an official announcement to let everyone know that the couple are married.

At Woodhall Manor, we hold many Asian weddings within the stunning Ballroom located in the Walled Garden, having the capacity to hold 130 guests for your wedding breakfast. Many couples then choose to finish their evening off in the Garden Lounge with a lavish party.

A post-wedding ritual is called the Walima, which is the last wedding celebration that is hosted by the groom’s family. This is where everyone comes together for a feast. The groom’s family may choose for it to take place at a venue such as Woodhall Manor.

Food and Non-Alcohol

Lebanese and halal cuisine

In Islam alcohol is forbidden, and not typically served at many Muslim weddings. Therefore mocktails are usually served instead, all alcohol will be removed from the venue. Food is traditionally halal, with popular dishes being served, such as seekh kebabs, biryani, or chicken korma.

At Woodhall Manor, our experienced head chef is happy to help you arrange the perfect menu to suit you and your guests. He is very passionate about using locally sourced food and seasonal ingredients.


Asian wedding couple

Islamic brides tend to wear either traditional white wedding dresses, lehengas or ghararas on their special day, with green being the most auspicious colour in Islam. The bride is also required to completely cover her face and hands for the ceremony. The groom and male guests usually wear suits.

Contact our team at Woodhall Manor about your special day, and to find out more information about our stunning exclusive use venue, and to book your in-person or virtual tour!


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