How to create a Vegan Friendly Wedding

The vegan way of life is very ethical, creating a world of kindness and morality. If you’re concerned about animal welfare and production techniques then a vegan wedding is a great way to represent your values.

As you will know, living a vegan lifestyle isn’t always easy, there are so many things to think about. To help with your wedding plans, we have a few tips and ideas for making your wedding run smoothly and ethically.

The ultimate menu for a Vegan Wedding

Vegan food for wedding

The most obvious thing you will need to decide on is your wedding menu, from the canapes to the wedding breakfast.

Whether you as a couple are vegan, or whether you have guests who you know are, then your menu should offer a variety of choices that suit various tastes and allergies.

Vegan food has come a long way over the years offering delicious dining options for everyone to enjoy.

Here at Woodhall, our chefs create a fabulous array of vegan friendly recipes. We source our ingredients from local producers, so we know where everything comes from, ensuring the highest quality.

Plan your tables

Wedding table cloths

Silk table cloths are very popular within weddings, but one to avoid so not to offend your guests who are concerned about ethical production techniques. When talking to the team at Woodhall, ask to use their cotton table cloths.

Keep your flowers alive

Artificial flowers

To be on the safe side, rather than going for cut flowers, opt for artificial flowers or better still use potted plants for your centre pieces. These are a great way to bring life to your tables and offer the scent of fresh plants. If you have your heart set on cut flowers, choose some that are from a fair-trade partner.

If you want to look for alternatives instead of a flower bouquet, why not wire together jewellery from your loved ones. This will create a lovely display of jewels and special sparkle. We would advise not to do the traditional tossing of the bouquet though… A&E and weddings don’t mix.

Dress for the occasion

Many wedding dresses contain silk in the fabric, even if it is mixed so keep an eye on the labels to see what the material is made from. Eri or peace silk is available for those who have concerns over animal welfare.

Some may find wearing a pre-loved dress the best way to go as no new animals or insects were affected during the creation of the fabric. Second hand shops, online retailers and vintage shops are fantastic places to find a wedding dress as they offer a little more for their money and some of the classic styles are so in style right now.

Make-up only worn by you

Although the cosmetic industry is slowly becoming a more ethical world, many brands are still not with the times. The best way to avoid these brands is by sourcing a make-up artist who shares your values.

If you still are concerned, talk to your make-up artist about what products you will need and buy them yourself. That way you have vegan friendly hair and make-up and will be able to use the make-up after your wedding.

Make your gifts mean something

Wedding gifts are always lovely to receive, it’s nice to see the thought and love that goes into them. However, for those who don’t follow the vegan way of life, they may not understand what is ok and what isn’t.

Avoid the awkward receiving of non-vegan gifts by requesting money towards a honeymoon, vouchers for your home or even ask for donations towards an animal charity of your choice. That way you can feel like your day has made a difference.

Don’t forget the drinks

champagne at a wedding

So many wines and spirits contain gelatine, egg whites or dairy produce, it’s hard to go through every label and see what’s ok to drink.

There are certain brands that you can still enjoy including the likes of Dom Pérignon, which is perfect for the toasts.

Ask your wedding planner to find drinks that are vegan friendly to stock and your guests won’t know the difference.

It won’t be everyone’s cup of tea

One thing to remember is that it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. Some may request for meat with their meal, others may not appreciate the brands of drinks on offer.

Give everyone plenty of notice and maybe a note with your invites explaining your values your values, and who knows, you may even find some people making a change themselves!

The most important thing to remember is that it is your day, and once they see, taste and embrace the aspects of your wedding day, they will see that the vegan way is simply wonderful.

Call our wedding team on 01394 411 288 or fill in our contact form here to discuss your requirements from your day. We have loads of creative ideas to help your wedding run as smoothly and as ethically as possible.


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