Top 5 Benefits of a Mid-Week Wedding

Many couples have their sights set on a Saturday wedding, it’s the most popular and traditional day to tie the knot and it’s also the most expensive. Instead of locking yourself into a weekend wedding date, you can open a world of possibilities if you wed on a Wednesday.

Before you crinkle your nose at the idea of a mid-week wedding, we have a few perks you may not have thought of that could sway you!

Save, Save, Save

It’s one of the most obvious reasons and is largely the primary influencer for selecting a weekday wedding date. Your wedding venue is likely going to be the most expensive part of your budget and selecting a weekday can cut your cost significantly. Wouldn’t you rather book your dream wedding venue than your second best?

Not only is the price sometimes up to thousands of pounds less, especially during the summer months, but it’s much more likely that there will be availability during your desired month.

As an added bonus, with hotel prices dropping during weekdays and many offering special mid-week deals, your guests will also benefit from the savings!

Woodhall Manor wedding venue

Your Wedding, Your Way

Not only will your wedding venue have more availability but so will everything else associated with your special day.

From the registrar to your preferred wedding suppliers, a mid-week wedding, particularly on a Wednesday, means more availability for high demand vendors. With the low mid-week demand, you can book your favourite band, baker, florist and more.

Often people assume a weekday wedding will be less lively, but this is by no means the case. Straying from traditional weekend dates will allow you to get creative with the entertainment and think outside the box with more resources at your fingertips.

festival flowers for a wedding

It’s all in the details

Spending less on the venue means you have more room to plan an extra special day. The money saved can give you the opportunity to add a spectacular firework show for the finale of your wedding day or perhaps you could consider hiring a horse and carriage to chauffer you around like royalty.

Horse and Carriage

Extra Special Honeymoon

There’s also the added benefit of investing the money you saved on your wedding venue to go on an extra luxurious honeymoon. Crystal blue waters and white sandy beaches or perhaps a glamorous ski resort getaway, sounds tempting, right?

If you plan on jetting off into the sunset the day after your wedding, flights will be significantly cheaper to your desired destination and travel the extra miles further to your dream honeymoon.

Married Couple on beach

Extend the celebration

A mid-week wedding means many of your guests will have an excuse to take a few days off, and beat the mid week blues. It also gives you the opportunity to extend the festivities into the weekend. You will most likely not get a chance to connect with all of your guests on your big day so turning the wedding into an extended weekend party will give friends and family more time to catch up and socialise. This is especially key if you have out-of-town guests visiting!

Wedding party celebration

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