Perfect gifts for anniversary milestones

Do you know many couples who’d be happy to receive a carriage clock or china figurines? Neither do we! These days, traditional anniversary gifts can seem a little old fashioned. So, how can you give thoughtful tokens that will commemorate an important anniversary milestone? Fear not, the Woodhall Manor events team have some great ideas for you to pick from.

1st Anniversary – Paper

This is probably the easiest of all the wedding anniversaries as there are so many great ideas that are associated with paper. The most obvious of these is gifting a book as that gives you the perfect opportunity to treat your loved ones to something you know they’ll enjoy and appreciate. Foodies will love a restaurant guide or cookbook, while travel lovers will appreciate a great guide book or coffee table book that will inspire future travel plans.

Or, why not consider a personalised piece of artwork that can be printed, painted or sketched onto paper – maybe a picture of the place they got married or where they honeymooned?

If you’re buying for your partner on your own anniversary, tickets to a show or concert are a great gift that you can share together. Just don’t get the e-ticket!

10th Anniversary – Tin

So, at ten years it gets a little more tricky. How many lust-worthy gifts are made from tin? We’ve come up with some great options for you to consider.

You could commission a personalised tin with the couple’s name and wedding date and then select lots of goodies to go inside – miniature drinks, chocolates, seeds for keen gardeners, spices for cooks… whatever you know they’ll love and will show you’ve made a real effort to think of their favourite things.

As an alternative to flowers, why not plant herbs or bulbs in vintage tin tubs and buckets for a colourful and cool garden display.

Personally, we love vintage tin signs that you often see in junk shops and antique barns. You can also find reproduction vintage signs with great quotes or advertising slogans so go quirky… you know you want to!

25th Anniversary – Silver

Steer clear of carriage clocks and boring photo frames and give something that celebrates the year the couple were married. Couples celebrating their silver wedding anniversary this year will have walked down the aisle in 1992. Can you believe that was the year that Ab Fab first hit our tv screens… yes, really! We’re feeling old now too! What better excuse for a themed party and a few bottles of Bolly?

Garden lovers will go wild for a fire pit… you may not be able to stretch to a solid silver variety, but surely a grey one is good enough? And, it’s the perfect excuse for a celebratory get together. A few glasses of fizz, toasted marshmallows and a natter with close friends has to be one of the best ways to celebrate a milestone anniversary.

30th Anniversary – Pearl

Take inspiration from real pearls that come from the depths of the ocean and give a sea-inspired gift. You could treat the happy couple to a meal in a super seafood restaurant, or maybe club together with others and send them to the coast for a mini break.

If the seaside route doesn’t take your fancy, then why not think of thirty reasons to celebrate instead. Create a playlist of thirty favourite tracks or even thirty favourite albums as a personal gift that will last a lifetime.

40th Anniversary – Ruby

There are lots of lovely gift ideas that are red that would make great options for a 40th anniversary. Ruby port, vintage red wine or maybe even vines for friends to grow their own grapes and create their own vintage? Garden lovers may like some strawberry plants or even a chilli pepper or pomegranate tree.

For something completely original how about matching pairs of red wellies, a bright red post box, or a hamper full of red coloured treats. Or what about a hot air balloon ride from that very well known company with prominent red branding!

Getting away from the norm is a sure fire way to make your gift stand out and will be greatly appreciated for showing thoughtfulness and initiative.

50th Anniversary – Golden

So this is the big one and frankly, we think anyone reaching this massive milestone deserves a party of spectacular proportions. We think a gold themed do is the only possible option and will bring together your nearest and dearest who should shower you in fabulously blingy gifts.


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