Wedding Albums… Thing of the Past or Treasured Heirloom?

Article and Photo’s by Storm Photography Ltd a Woodhall Manor recommended Photographer.

In today’s digital age, the advent of a ‘disc only’ package has made some photographers drop the supply of wedding albums completely and offer only images on disc.

Does this mean the end of the wedding album, as we know it?

Storm Photography does not think so and still provide what are regarded as three of the best album options in the world, even though we also offer disc only options, so why continue with wedding albums for your wedding photography?

Above all else, what high quality photographers look for is high quality printing on high quality papers. High quality printing relies on the album manufacturer printing to exact requirements to match the original files supplied and edited by the photographer, to very small tolerances. We want your album photographs to look as they are supposed to be and not have colour casts or lack of detail from lower quality printing options.

Paper quality is also important, and our options include professional quality photographic papers including metallic’s & pearls, as well as fine art paper for a more tactile feel to the pages.

Album design is also high on our list as our planning software allows us to plan images to the millimetre. Our software allows us to produce limitless montage effects as well as perfectly symmetrical placements of grouped images.

Design style is also important, and photographers have their own distinctive style for albums, and it is worthwhile considering this for your own album.

Album Covers are also an area often overlooked, our suppliers produce high grade covers that will last a lifetime including heavy gauge aluminium, beautiful Italian hide leathers as well as photo-front covers that can also be embedded into silk or canvas.

Disc only customers do not always lose out on having an album, as quite often our customers come back later to ask for an album option, the two main reasons for this are firstly, they find they do not have the time to produce a design. Secondly, after investigating the Internet or supermarket options available, they realise that the quality of the ‘books’ do not justify the quality of the photographs.

Our albums are supplied by companies in Italy, New Zealand and, surprisingly, our fine art album is UK based. Who said the UK cannot produce quality goods anymore!

A wedding album, we believe will gain value as the years pass and become an irreplaceable part of your lives and as such, should not be overlooked in the cost of your wedding memories. A beautiful dress, a handsome young Groom, an amazing wedding venue with such beautiful gardens, those little touches on the day that made a big difference, the emotion, the fun, the laughter, those very special moments…

…it’s no wonder we treat albums as heirlooms; that will become so valuable to you as you go through life together. Your Wedding Album… it’s where it started.

Mandy & Tony Bramley ABIPP

Article and Photo’s by Storm Photography Ltd a Woodhall Manor recommended Photographer.


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