Thank your Bridesmaids with our Excellent Gift Ideas

Not only is it traditional to thank your bridesmaids after your wedding day, it’s also a nice gesture of appreciation. During the average wedding, bridesmaids help out, support, offer a shoulder to cry on, someone to laugh with and a friendly face during a long and stressful day.

Not only that, they will likely have helped plan the wedding, choose a venue, helped you select a wedding dress, shoes, lingerie, jewellery and many other aspects of the day. As part of the wedding tradition, brides give thanks to their bridesmaids for services rendered and rightly so!

With that in mind, we have put together a list of excellent bridesmaids gifts that offer something really special, including your heartfelt gratitude. You know your bridesmaids well enough to know what kind of gift will touch them most, so here are some ideas.

Gifts to keep

Why not give your bridesmaids a gift they can keep forever to remember your wedding day? These are just a few gift types you could consider.

  • Engraved bracelet or ring
  • Personalised handbag or purse
  • Personalised linen or bathroom set
  • Photograph of you all together on your wedding day
  • A piece of art or sculpture
  • A book they love, signed by you and/or the author
  • A taste or hobby-based gift such as a knife set, wine rack, or tennis racket

Gifts that are personalised will obviously have the most impact. Many of these can be engraved, signed or printed with a message to remind them of your appreciation for all that they did for you before and on your wedding day.

Gifts to use

If a gift to keep isn’t important then there are many options for consumable gifts you could try. They may be single use or multiple use, but you can be sure the recipient will be thinking of your wedding while they use them!


  • Beauty or pampering gifts
  • Subscription to their favourite magazine
  • Luxury coffee, chocolate, wine or cheese
  • A tree or shrub to plant in their garden
  • Flowers
  • Their favourite DVD or CD
  • Bottle of champagne or cognac

Gifts to use won’t have the long-lasting appeal of those you can keep, but they remain fresh and will have maximum impact on the day. They are also useful for if the recipient is someone who doesn’t keep much or lives minimally.

Gifts to experience

Experience gifts are also nice as they provide an opportunity to try something new or that they would not normally be able to afford, or find the time to do themselves. These can be very effective gifts if your bridesmaids have particular likes or ambitions.

  • Pampering or spa day
  • Italian, Chinese or Indian cooking lesson
  • Wine or cheese tasting experience
  • Weekend break somewhere nice
  • A catered picnic
  • Theme park day
  • Activity day such as falconry, quad biking, archery or surfing
  • Concert or performance tickets

Experiences are a great way to say thank you to bridesmaid while giving them something truly personal. You could arrange a group experience for all of your bridesmaids, or individual ones tailored to their particular tastes. It’s entirely up to you!

Home-made gifts

Home-made does not equal cheap. Not in the value and meaning stakes anyway. A truly personal gift that you made yourself is an excellent way to say thank you in a way your bridesmaids can really appreciate. They are almost universally appreciated and are well worth considering if you want to say thank you in style!


  • A personalised portfolio of photographs of you together
  • A pamper pack with the individuals favourite products
  • Something made with a craft you’re good at such as a painting, piece of jewellery, etc.
  • A thank you dinner with all bridesmaids invited
  • A picnic arranged and catered for by you

Home-made gifts are right on trend at the minute along with shabby chic and vintage themes. They are especially useful if you’re known for having a particular skill or craft that you’re good at. You can combine your skills with a personalisation few other gifts can match. Excellent for saying thank you to close friends and family!

There are literally thousands of gift ideas for your bridesmaids, whatever your budget. Choosing the right gift for the right person is down to you. Just make sure that values are equal across the board, and you can mix and match as your friends deserve.

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