Who’s who in your wedding party? A definitive guide

While your wedding is undoubtedly about you, the happy couple, it is also formed of a cast of many. The average wedding will have a series of attendants that will have a variety of roles to play on the day. Some roles are ancient while some are newer.

If you have ever wanted a rundown of who is who in an average wedding, this is the post for you!


Bridesmaids are part of the bridal party and are formed from close friends and family of the bride. How many she has depends on the size of the wedding, how many guests there are and personal choice.

Their job is to accompany the bride down the aisle, but also to help with wedding preparations such as wedding dress selection, making favours, helping with flowers, setting up and of course, the hen party.

Maid of honour

Maid of honour can also be referred to as chief bridesmaid. This will be the closest friend or family member and will be in charge of the bridal party. She will act as the bride’s confidant, assistant and manager all in one.

She will accompany the bride down the aisle, hold the train, take the bouquet, sign the marriage certificate if necessary, help with bride get ready and ensure she looks beautiful all day long.

Best man

The best man will be the grooms best friend or close family member and will be in charge of the groom’s side of things. Roles can include suit selection, helping with planning and arrangements, paying for things on the day, arranging the stag night and of course, ensuring the groom gets to the church on time.

Depending on the type of wedding, the best man also gives a speech and makes toasts according to the married couple’s wishes.

Father of the bride

It’s pretty obvious who the father of the bride is, but what does he do on the day? In a traditional wedding scenario, this is the man that has to pay for just about everything. It’s also the person who manages wedding transport, coordinates guests to and from the venues, tips the venue staff and makes toasts.

Father of the groom

Again, this can only be one man, but he has some duties too. The father of the groom used to have very little to do but now that role is changing. The father may often pay for any wedding rehearsals, perform his own toast, perform escort duties and assist the father of the bride as necessary.


In traditional weddings, a page boy would follow the bride along with bridesmaids holding the wedding train. Modern weddings also allow for pages to be girls too. Their sole aim is to keep the wedding train out of the wet and mud and to stop it dragging the bride as she proceeds down the aisle.

Flower child

A flower child is usually a close family member who is too young to be a bridesmaid if a girl, but who wants to be involved anyway. They are usually between 3 and 8 years old and will precede the bridal party down the aisle sprinkling flower petals. Once their job is done they then sit with their family for the rest of the ceremony.

Ring bearer

If there are spare young children around, ring bearer is another little job they can perform. The ring bearer will precede the flower child down the aisle carrying the rings on a satin pillow.

Not all weddings have ring bearers as the best man will often take care of the rings, but it’s a useful little job for younger guests.


An usher is someone who directs wedding guests to their seats for the ceremony and who can assist with the reception too if needed. Often male family members who were too young for the stag night will perform usher duties to include them in proceedings. It can of course be a girl too.

Different cultures have different wedding participants but this is the basic role list for a typical British wedding. You can of course pick and choose your roles depending on the size and type of wedding you’re having. It’s your day after all!


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