Express yourself with personalised wedding favours

Wedding favours are one of those small details that make a big difference. One of many small details that can have a big influence over how comfortable people are and happy they may be while at your wedding reception.

Like many gifts you will give and receive during your lifetime, wedding favours are more about the meaning and intent rather than the gift itself. The more you personalise it and the more unique meaning you give it, the more effective it will be.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on wedding favours either. You could buy something cheap, then personalise it yourself to go along with your wedding theme. You could also aim it directly at the person you’re giving it to. It’s entirely up to you.

Considerations for choosing wedding favours

We have collected some considerations for choosing wedding favours. Bear them in mind when making your decisions.

  1. Consider whether you want to give a wedding favour to keep forever, to use on the day, to be eaten or otherwise consumed
  2. Think about how you can truly personalise this favour in keeping with your wedding theme and the recipient
  3. Think about your guests. What would they like? Would they appreciate the effort you would go to? Or would they forget it and leave it on the table?
  4. How much can you afford to spend?
  5. Can you, or do you want to make something yourself to save money or offer something truly personal?

Now let’s look at some of the different types of wedding favour you could choose.

Edible wedding favours

There are hundreds of different kind of edible wedding favour. You can buy everything from cookies to sweets, mints to chewing gum, chocolates to lollipops and everything in-between.

If you’re considering edible wedding favours, you will need to think about who you’re giving them to and whether they will appreciate them or not. There’s no point giving Highland toffee to an elderly relative with dentures for example!

You can buy generic sweet selections and personalise the packaging. You can buy boxes, bags, jars and presentation packs of all shapes and sizes to build your own edible party favour. It depends entirely on the effect you want to create.

Home-made wedding favours

The benefit of home-made wedding favours is that they tend to be cheaper than bought ones. They also convey much more meaning as you made them specially for the person you’re giving them to.

Home-made favours can be anything from candles, sweets, personal mementoes, mix CDs, or pretty much anything. That’s part of the charm of them and part of the challenge. Just what do you make for such a diverse mix of people?

If you’re well-known for having a particular craft skill or if you make your own soft toys for example, it’s easy. You can make something for everyone. Add a personal note or embroider the recipient’s name into the gift and you’re golden!

Bought wedding favours

There are literally thousands of ideas for bought wedding favours. That’s good in that you can choose something very specific for your guests and that fits in with your wedding theme. It’s not so good in that you now have to decide from a huge array of gifts.

Use the list of considerations above to narrow down the choice of favours on offer. Then see how each favour can be personalised to each guest. That personalisation is important in order to create that emotional bond with your guests. Merely buying something isn’t as powerful as personalising something.

Types of bought wedding favours include chocolates, soaps, key rings, lottery tickets, fridge magnets, ornaments, alcohol miniatures, stationery, ground coffee, trinket boxes and hundreds of other types of gift. Many can be customised with name printing to add a little personality to it.

Choosing your wedding favours is a personal thing. You have to consider your guests, your wedding theme, your budget and the type of thing you want to provide. The only tried and true thing to say about them is the more personal you make your wedding favours, the more effective they will be.


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