Top Beauty Hazards to Avoid Before Your Wedding Day.

On our wedding blog, we do our best to provide the best wedding hints and tips and collect lots of useful information about planning and executing the perfect wedding day.

Today we’re doing it a little differently. Instead of offering advice and inspiration, we’re alerting you to things you need to avoid. We have spoken to brides, beauty experts and our own wedding planners to come up with the top hazards to beauty on the lead up to your big day. Here is what we learned.

Don’t leave it to the last minute

It’s a great idea to try a new look, a new treatment or a new hairdo for your wedding day, just don’t do it the day before. If you’re in the mood for trying something a little different, try it in the weeks leading up to your wedding day.

Give it plenty of time to fade, be covered, grow out, be repaired or otherwise recover well in advance of your wedding day. You’re going to be stressed enough without having to worry about a fake tan that went wrong!

Some things stay the same

On the flip side to that, if you’re comfortable with your products, avoid the temptation to try something new. That means washing powder, fabric softener, shower gel, soap, moisturiser, makeup, birth control or anything else that can affect your skin.

Change them well in advance if you have to, or leave well alone until after your wedding day. The last thing you need is to have to cover up a skin rash on the day.

Avoid coffee, wine and fruit

Okay, red wine and dark fruit. That better? Dark fruit such as red grapes and dark berries, coffee and red wine all stain your teeth. You want a dazzling smile to go with that dazzling dress, so avoiding these on the lead up to your wedding day is a must.

It’s no use getting your teeth whitened or using a whitening product if you’re going to ruin the effect by indulging in things that undo all that hard work.

Cut out flour and salt

For the fortnight leading up to your wedding day, reduce the amount of flour and salt you eat. Reducing things like bread, cake, pasta and pastries, while also lowering your salt intake will do wonders for your figure.

Flour bloats and salt holds water. Two things you certainly don’t want on your wedding day. Reduce your intake well in advance will allow your body to flush both out of your system and have you looking svelte in no time!

Don’t ignore your stylist

If you’re hiring a professional to do your hair and makeup on your wedding day, make sure you listen to their advice. If they say take a tissue and intercept those tears before they spoil the look, take one. If they say take a touch-up kit with you, take one.

They usually have years of experience dealing with brides on their big day so will know what they are talking about. Don’t ignore them and don’t forget to send them a copy of a good shot of you on the day for their portfolio.

Don’t go without on the day

On your wedding day itself, it’s important that you don’t go without water, paracetamol and food. Water keeps you hydrated of course, but it also keeps your skin clear and supple. Ideally, you will have increased your water intake by at least 100% a month before to maximise its effect on your skin. Keep drinking it on the day too.

Have something to eat, even if you’re feeling sick. It settles the stomach, gives you energy and is one less stress your body has to cope with. Paracetamol helps to calm nerves and avoid headaches brought on by stress and having your hair up all day.

Don’t forget your emergency kit

Every bride should have an emergency kit for her wedding day. What it contains depends on your, the type of wedding you’re having and lots more. Once you have finished planning, you should know what to put in it. Don’t forget!

The average emergency wedding kit will include paracetamol, safety pins, sticky tape, double-sided and non-double-sided, small scissors, mirror, plasters, mini sewing kit, deodorant, mints or chewing gum, tissues and your makeup. Basically, you want a spare one of everything used to keep you looking fabulous for your day.

Don’t forget maintenance

On the wedding day itself, you’re going to need to depend on your bridesmaids and a handy mirror to keep yourself looking fabulous. This is where your emergency kit comes in.

Makeups wears, lipstick fades or sticks to champagne glasses, tears smear mascara and blusher can end up on a thousand cheeks. Keep everything looking great with regular maintenance!

We think there are some great tips in that list. We know we could have done with a couple of those for our own wedding days. Until next time, take care!


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